The Homie Sasa

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Somewhere in America, two Kabuli Refugees crashed into each other like comets, and there, twirling gracefully, right in the center of the crater they left behind them was Sasa. Born in South County, California, raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sasa teaches, writes, leads literacy workshops, travels and performs whenever possible.

At UC Davis, where she got her degrees in International Relations and Middle East & South Asian Studies, she was part of the nationally renowned Spoken Word poetry collective, SickSpits. While coaching the first Sacramento-Area, HBO’s Brave New Voices team for Youth Speaks, she got into the USDS Peace Corps. Sasa was also thrilled to act as a Program Leader for the Student Diplomacy Corps in France.

None know for sure, but some say she spends any free time roaming the corners and back-alleys of the world, teaching and writing, delighting and provoking thought in those she comes across. In any case, she is honored to share with you, always ready to delve into the issues, serving only that which is well-researched and under-discussed. A refreshing viewpoint, on issues ranging from socio-political theory and economics, to lifestyle and the arts, she is your homie; she is The Homie, Sasa.

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