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Europe, Come Get Your Grandkids.

LOL... Europe, come get your grandkids.

OH MAN OH MAN. This is just such a time; Megyn Kelly's politics are offending conservatives?! 

Well... Everything she said about Old Troll Hair Trumpa Loompa's misogynistic ways is true, and totally understated. Trump's values should be clear now. He just tried to blackball someone for questioning him. He has been pocketing hirable celebrity sycophants like Pokemon, for decades, and he is a card-carrying member of the 1%... rather the .00000000001% ... he has no credentials whatsoever. AT ALL.

Seriously; He has no credible education to take the place of his lack of credentials or working experience. In his own companies, he has exploited undocumented workers at far under minimum wage, as was the case with the "Polish Brigade" in the 90s. He has promised hugely inflated and unrealistic goals for his properties, like guaranteeing the development of his golf course in tandem with creating 6,000 jobs... eventually he admitted to creating, possibly, over 100 jobs. Which is literally 60 times less the number of jobs he promised to the area (Math Wow!). He is a failure in almost every sense of the word, and has the makings of an excellent disappointment, although... he did dodge The Draft... but methinks that has to do more with his money than his morals since he trumped up (pun intended) some wild problems with his left, or... right(?) heel (though he can't remember which one, its so hard to remember debilitating medical issues) that made service 'impossible.' His only remaining successes were really tied up in television and the Pageant circuit, and look what happened to all of that. One racist comment against La Gente, and he fucked all that up too.

All he has proven is he is uncouth. Petulant. Xenophobic (unless dealing with those worldly women half-his-age, dressed in a bikini and heels, willing to be boiled down to scorecards, OR those offering money or property like his many business liaisons in the Middle East, and Asia). Sexist. Agist. Racist. Uncultured. Lacks poise. Improprietous. Inexperienced. Lacking in almost every faculty of a competent leader, let alone a world leader. Can't win a fight without a 13th round and a buyout. Draft Dodging? Creep.

I'm just judging him on the same level as I would judge a Miss America contestant! He has the hot-to-trot tight body that we all love, but his ears stick out a bit, and that's just too gross to allow. MWAHAHAHA

His favorite pastimes include foreclosures, grandstanding, hyperbole, and firing people. His greatest achievements include making Omorosa famous enough to hang out with Nene Leakes, AND being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and even then, it only happened because he paid for it.

His greatest diplomatic achievement? Managing to keep a model fluent in 5 languages with him, when she can ask for help in 5 languages.

And though for the life of me, I don't know why FATE would allow me so much mirth... she admitted in an interview with People Magazine, that she refused to even give her number to Trump for several months; lol. She was modeling for his agency and he couldn't get the digits. Oh my, there is just something odd about finding out that your maybe (please God no) president's wife was creeped out by him for months while he flashed his wealth and power and then finally gave him her phone number ahaahahaha. Treat yo'self Melania! 

THE biggest train wreck of all train wrecks, Lady Palin of Russian Porch (all hail Tina Fey), who literally lost an American war hero the presidency, just endorsed this guy because he couldn't find any woman, outside of the Taiga, to support his megalomaniacal bullshit; but also I think Sarah is suffering from severe frostbite of the brain, or Brainfreezeus Simplex... it gets cold up there... so close to Russia.

So here's to the guy treating the presidential race like an informercial, and all the people who still watch Bill Maher and consider themselves educated! CHEERS! I am rarely so confusingly amused and grossed out at the same time.

It is a ridiculous time to be alive. The Dumb, has spread. And while researchers are racing for a cure, millions are succumbing.


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