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New Years & Things, Much Obliged:

It was this time in 2009, when Oscar Grant lost his life.

Yes, we certainly are thinking a lot about what we want for ourSelves in the New Year.... Its just, let's all make sure losing weight, gains us a sense of self-respect, and respect for others. Make sure volunteering is as much about the Individuals, as the selfies. Set the bar high enough to reach, and low enough to grasp, because ambition is important but limits are too. Take care that the new path you have set for yourSelf, is one wide enough for companionship and community. A new Self, who is vigilant and aware, awake and active. If we are resolute in anything at all, let it be in righteousness, as it so stems from Peace and Love


Happy New Things and Still The Same Things Anniversary; Congratulations on the opportunity to change the world around you and within you. I wish you all the best, my most beloved, Homies. 

-The Homie, sasa-